Guide to Savings: Hair Salon Supplies & Professional Styling Tools

Salon professionals know that providing clients with a great hair style is only half the battle in a successful beauty business. You also need to sell your services at a price that’s profitable for you and affordable for your clients. helps you make that happen by offering professional hair salon supplies at prices that you, your salon, and your clients can afford. Whether you’re stocking your entire salon or just your bathroom cupboard, at you will find a wide range of product savings to suit your specific needs.

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With so many hair products on the market, it can become challenging to know which option is best for you. Follow this short guide to help you choose the best hair products for your hair type:

For Fine Hair

  • Look for shampoos and conditioners that support hair growth. By exfoliating your scalp and infusing hair with valuable nutrients, products like Croc TurbIon GreenIon Pop Conditioner can help slow down hair loss, stimulate dormant hair follicles and deliver nutrients to the scalp.

For Curly or Coarse Hair

  • If you don’t need any help with volume, opt for items with frizz control. Try products like Fairy Tales Curly Cue Shampoo, and other light weight products, to find a shampoo that moisturizes your curls and adds definition.

For Dry or Damaged Hair

  • Choose hair care products that moisturize and strengthen damaged hair. Check out Fudge Repair Torture Tonic Shampoo, which contains a hydrating complex that repairs, hydrates, protects and restores hair.

For Color Treated Hair

Hair styles are a lot like fashion in that they are constantly changing. Staying on top of the trends can become costly if you don’t know where to find great deals on popular products. gives you access to the hottest hair accessories, professional styling tools and more, so that you can create unique styles for your clients without breaking the bank.

Make sure you’re constantly checking back to the site. offers monthly deals on beauty salon supplies and shipping costs, as well as wholesale deals for salon professionals. Contact us today!

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