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Both salon professionals and at-home nail polishers can purchase quality gel nail products from Gel nail products are great for long-lasting, exquisite nails. Though gel nail polish may seem like regular nail polish, the application and removal process is quite different. Look below for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply and remove gel nail products.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish

  1. Thoroughly clean the nail and cuticle, removing previous polish, dust and oils. Push back the cuticle and clean the nail plate. Apply a sanitizer and use a nail file to buff the nails and remove shine.
  2. Apply Gelish Foundation Base Gel in a thin application and seal the nail’s edges. The base gel creates the adhesive bond between the nail plate and other gel products. Cure nails beneath an LED light, such as the Harmony LED Gel Light, for 10 seconds or beneath a UV light for one minute.
  3. Apply gel polish. Brush Gelish Harmony Soak off Gel Nail Polish onto nails in a thin layer from cuticle to free edge, sealing the nail edge. Cure nails beneath an LED light for 20-30 seconds or beneath a UV light for two minutes.
  4. Apply the top coat. Using Gelish Harmony Top it Off Sealer, apply a thin, light layer from cuticle to free edge of nails. Place hands beneath an LED light for 30 seconds or a UV light for three minutes.
  5. Cleanse the nails. Wipe the nail surface with Gelish Harmony Cleanser to provide a high-shine finish and remove any residue.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

  1. Gently file the surface of the nails to remove the gel polish. This will also break the seal and remove shine.
  2. Soak a piece of cotton with Gel Harmony Soak off Gel Remover. Place cotton over the nail.
  3. Wrap the cotton-covered nail in foil for 10 minutes.
  4. Using a wood stick, carefully remove the cotton and gel from the nail.
  5. Lightly buff the nail surface with 220/280 grit nail file.
  6. Apply a moisturizing hand and nail oil such as Nail Tek’s renew Natural Antifungal Cuticle Oil.

Whether you’re a nail salon professional or an at-home user looking to give yourself a long lasting manicure, gel nail products can provide long term, quality results. If you haven’t tried gel nail products before and want to give them a whirl, use this list to make sure you have all of the essential tools and supplies.

Basic Gel Nail Products

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