How to Use Thinning Hair Products: Solutions for Thinning Hair

Facing thinning hair, day-in and day-out, can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are hair products for thinning hair that can help you quickly and easily thicken your hair and reduce the appearance of balding. The first step in effectively using hair loss products is choosing the best one for your needs. Follow’s guide below to find out which thinning hair product is right for you.

Are you looking for a fast, simple solution to cover thinning hair and bald spots?

Try: Keratin hair fibers

Keratin hair fibers are created from the same proteins that make up your natural hair. They adhere to your hair through static electricity and fill-in thinning areas, in addition to hiding bald spots.

How to use: Keratin hair fibers are amazingly fast and easy. Simply shake the fibers onto your head and voila! Your hair looks fuller and those sparse areas are no longer visible. To get a bit more precise, check out’s hair loss accessories, which help you ensure the keratin hair fibers are giving you full scalp coverage. These tools also help you fill-in thin areas around your face by creating a natural-looking hairline.

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Are you searching for a long term solution that will encourage and facilitate future hair growth?

Try:Hair growth shampoos and conditioners. Hair growth products penetrate the scalp, cleaning excess sebum so hair follicles can grow. They also provide needed vitamins and nutrients to nourish roots, offering a proactive solution to balding and thinning hair.

How to use: Hair growth shampoo and conditioner can be easily worked into to your usual hair washing routine. Massage the shampoo into your hair, scrubbing your scalp to ensure absorption. Follow your shampoo with a deep condition, applying the hair growth conditioner to your roots and ends.

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Are you looking for a powder concealer that can be quickly applied to help hide thinning patches?

Try:Topical hair shading. Topical hair shading products coat the hair and color the scalp to reduce the evidence of exposed scalp and thin patches. By accompanying your products for thinning hair with the use of topical shading, you can increase the coverage of your worry areas.

How to use: Using the brush or applicator, apply DermMatch to thinning or balding areas, coloring your scalp and coating thin strands to increase the appearance of fullness.

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  • DermMatch Topical Shading for Thinning Hair

Do you want a product to help enhance the effectiveness of keratin hair fibers and other thinning hair concealing products?

Try: Fiber holding sprays and hair mists. Hair growth mist and sprays work in conjunction with other thinning hair products, increasing the longevity of these solutions. For instance, XFusion Fiberhold Spray strengthens the bond between thinning hair and XFusion Keritan Hair Fibers. These work by holding keratin fibers to your hair longer so when you confront rain, wind or another vigorous activity, there is little to no impact on your hair.

How to use: Spray hair mist onto hair after you have liberally applied keratin hair fibers to thinning or balding areas.

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