Removing Unwanted Hair: Wax, Razors & Depilatory Hair Removers

Whether you are a woman looking for a solution to removing unwanted hair from uncomfortable areas or a professional in search of the most effective hair remover available, it’s important to note that each hair removal solution offers different advantages and disadvantages.

Myth: If I wax or shave an area, the hair will grow back thicker and darker.

Fact: No hair removal method changes the way your hair grows back. The color, the location and the thickness of body hair depends solely on factors such as genetics and hormones.

Shaving, Trimming & Razors

Shaving with a razor or electric trimmer is one of the simplest hair removal methods; it’s convenient, and the tools are affordable, portable and easy-to-use. These methods, however, are best used as a short-term hair removal solution. The smoothing effect of these hair removers can last for hours or days, as compared to some hair removal methods that can last several days or even weeks.

Shaving, trimming and razor products include:

Hair Removal Wax

Waxing unwanted hair is a solution that many women prefer. While it can be more painful than shaving, its effects last much longer. There are many hair removal wax option and associated products that are sold for at-home purposes. If you have not used this method before, however, you may want to think about having a professional esthetician perform the service the first time.

Hair removal wax products include:

Depilatory Creams

This type of hair removal solution comes in the form of a cream and is applied directly to the skin. The chemicals dissolve the keratin in hair, loosening the hair follicle from under the surface of the skin. While this method is typically pain free, its effects do not last as long as those achieved with hair removal wax. Try one of these two depilatory creams:

Manual Epilation

First, it’s interesting to note that removing hair with tweezers is not known as “plucking.” As they say in beauty school, “You pluck a chicken. You a tweeze hair.” This hair removal method uses tweezers or an electric epilating razor to grasp the hair follicle and quickly pull it out from under the surface of the skin. While it can be a little painful, epilation can be a quick solution to removing a couple of hairs from a brow or dark facial hairs that are out of place. Choose from these epilation products:

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