Successful Men’s Hair Restoration Products & Hair Loss Solutions

The most common type of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Despite the progress made in an effort to cure this, it continues to hinder men’s lives and often leaves them searching for an effective solution. Fortunately, offers men a variety of men’s hair restoration products.

When it comes to hair loss solutions, an expansive approach is generally a good way to go. Rather than simply adding keratin hair fibers to your daily hair growth initiative, add hair growth shampoos, conditioners and styling products to increase your likelihood of success.

Solutions for Thinning Hair in Men

What are keratin hair fibers, and how do they work? Keratin hair fibers are made from pure organic protein (the same protein that makes up natural hair). They are designed to bind with your hair and cover thinning or balding spots on your scalp. They can do this because they are charged with static electricity, causing them to adhere to your hair and create a secure hold. Keratin hair fibers come in a variety of colors from black to auburn, so you can find the color that matches your natural hair. See below for’s selection of hair fibers.

How can hair growth shampoos, conditioners and styling products improve my thinning hair? Hair growth products clean the scalp thoroughly of excess sebum, dead skin and any other follicle-blocking residues. They contain beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help strengthen thin hair and prevent further hair loss. Ingredients vary by products, but some options contain botanical extracts and floral waters to further nourish the scalp. Additionally, hair growth shampoos can be used in conjunction with keratin hair fibers to improve their effectiveness. Check out some of’s hair growth products below.

It’s plain to see that there are many options available, but keep in mind that choosing a variety of products to target both hair growth and concealing men’s hair loss is also an option. You can also find beneficial additions such as Super Million Hair Hair Mist to improve the hold of keratin hair fibers. Find your hair thinning solution at

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